Solid Tasmanian Oak


Tasmanian Oak is not a species. It is a trade name for a mixture of two or more species with similar appearance and features, including Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash and Messmate. The colours range from pale creams to pinks and red browns but are generally light in colour. The timber has excellent dimensional stability, making this species an ideal choice for extreme climates or for installation over radiant heat.

Janka Rating: 5.6


Brand: Wonderful Floor

Surface Finish: Gloss Pre-finished

Edging: Bevelled Edge

Joining System: Tongue & Groove, End Match

Installation Method: Secret Nail Down

Grading: Select & Feature Mix


Board Size: 600-2200 x 90-118 x 18 mm

– also available in pre-finished 10mm thick board for direct stick down
– also available in RAW with all different sizes and gradings


Domestic: 10 year wear warranty


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