Size: 1221x184x3.0(0.55)mm (3 swatches)

PERGO vinyl floors may appear to be authentic wood, rich with true-to-life detail, but once you experience their warm, soft touch and the waterproof durability you can feel confident your floor is prepared for the unpredictability’s of real life!

The protective top layer TitanV™ efficiently seals the surface, offering improved resistance against staining and soiling, and protection against hard impact. The closed surface pays off in many ways, it also makes the surface sound absorbing, hygienic and easier to clean.

Our patented click joint PerfectFold™ V was created specifically for vinyl floors and features vertical as well as horizontal locking to make installation both fast and easy. Just fold it down or snap it in place! PerfectFold™ V is not only easy to use, but strong and reliable as well. Where other vinyl floors may struggle, the strength of PerfectFold™ V will help your floor remain stable.

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How to install the floor


Product Swatches

Cappuccino Mansion Oak, V2107-40015

Modern Coffee Oak, V2107-40019

Taupe Mansion Oak, V2107-40016

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