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Amato by Quick-Step | Watertight Real Timber Flooring


Amato is the only authentic timber floor that is watertight. Imagine real timber with a completely waterproof surface in every room of your home including the kitchen and bathroom.

A Quick-Step timber floor is protected in so many different ways, it will easily keep its authentic look. Try a timber floor that’s just as practical as it is beautiful to behold.

Real timber in Every Room, even bathroom

For the first time ever, you can install timber everywhere in your home, thanks to Amato’s waterproof surface with waterproof click. With a broad range of colours, structures and finishes available, there’s bound to be a floor that catches your eye.

  1. Your Quick-Step timber floor will never look dirty or dark. Thanks to our Surface & Edge Protect technology the timber is protected from water, making it easy to clean. Dirt and liquids won’t stick to the timber!
  2. The unique hydro repellent technology is applied to the timber joints, ensuring the pores of the timber remain clean and untouched from outside dirt and liquid.
  3. Enjoy our new and improved click design, which ensures a tight fit on all sides. On top of that, the Hydroseal coating stops all water from leaking through and causing damage to the bottom of your floor.

Quick-Step Amato – the world-first watertight timber floor. These genuine timber planks come in various grades, featuring original knots and cracks, highlighting the natural beauty of an authentic timber floor. Featuring grooves on the two long sides of the board to accentuate the width and create a continuous, lengthy appearance.

This highly durable timber floor is finished with surface and edge protect+ (hydro repellent technology), ensuring the pores of the timber remain clean for many years to come.

Amato is the perfect, low maintenance solution for any home. Blackbutt is an authentic Australian species with raw bushland detail giving it unparalleled authentic appeal.

Features Spotlight

  • First timber flooring with fully waterproof surface
  • Single strip board design
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable wood sourcing
  • Pre-finished with 6 coats of SRT lacquer for high resistance to scratching and staining
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Board Size

1820 x 134 x (±) 13mm                    6 lengths = 1.463m²
2200** x 145 x
(±) 13mm OAKS       6 lengths = 1.914m²

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Wintry Forest Oak Extra Matt (AMT3845)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT01340
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP01340

Creamy White Oak Extra Matt (AMT3851)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT03098
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP03098

Pure Oak Extra Matt (AMT3849)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT01341
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP01341

Natural Oak Extra Matt (AMT3844)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT01334
Matching Incizo QSWINCP01334

Cliff Grey Oak Extra Matt (AMT3850)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT03017
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP03017

Slate Grey Oak Extra Matt (AMT3846)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT03846
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP03846

Blackbutt (AMT3858)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT01865
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP01865

Spotted Gum (AMT3859)

Matching Scotia QSWSCOT01866
Matching Incizo  QSWINCP01866