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Masterpieces. Imagine series by Airstep

Add interest and elegance to your space with the Masterpieces Laminate Flooring collection.

The Masterpieces range of Laminate floors is inspired by the classic European palaces of the 18th and 19th centuries. Featuring both Chevron and Herringbone options, this collection offers ten decors to choose from with each bringing its own unique style. Inclusive of both warm and cool tones, the colours selected have been specially chosen to ensure that there is something for everyone within the range no matter what your colour scheme or preferred vibe may be.

Full of timeless yet versatile designs, the Masterpieces collection is perfect for those looking to create an elegant yet boho chic aesthetic as the interesting patterns present in these floors create the ideal foundation for an eclectic style. By the same token, however, those looking to build a more minimalist design could also make use of the Chevron and Herringbone decors to bring interest and personality to a room that may have otherwise felt like it didn’t have much life.

You could even install these floors in spaces where you’re looking for a more traditional feel as they give a sense of old-world charm and royalty thanks to their classic inspiration.

Designed to provide a more ‘natural’ feel and immediately radiate captivating charm, the flooring options within this collection feature a superior AC6 rated coating which provides excellent resilience. You can expect to enjoy resistance to every day wear and tear, scratches, dents and fading as well as an ability to stand up to overly excitable pets in a way that only Laminate floors can.

Every décor within the Masterpieces range is backed by an impressive Lifetime Residential Warranty making these floors the perfect choice for anyone wishing to install Herringbone or Chevron Flooring within their home.

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