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Pulse Hybrid by Quick-Step

Rigid vinyl high performance floors

The decision of which floor to choose for your home is an important one that should balance aesthetic with performance. Whether it is a new-build, or you are renovating your home, it is important to take time and get to know the different flooring options available. When it comes to style and practicality, a hybrid vinyl floor is a very attractive option.

Hybrid, also known as Rigid, is a new entrant to the hard flooring market and is growing in popularity due to it’s many intrinsic benefits. Hybrid planks perform extremely well, being completely waterproof and extremely resilient to wear and impact.

Pulse Hybrid is the best in its’ class

The intrinsic benefits of a Hybrid floor mean that they are well suited to wet areas, are quiet and comfortable to walk on and relatively forgiving of imperfect sub-floors. Not surprising, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid extends these natural benefits to deliver a floor that surpasses all others.

While every Hybrid flooring plank is waterproof, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid also delivers watertight joins. There is little value in a waterproof plank if the joining system allows water to access the sub-floor, causing mould to form.

Pulse Hybrid  features rich texture and trueness to nature qualities. Being the only Hybrid floor meticulously created in Belgium, Pulse Hybrid really stands out from the crowd with its’ genuine bevel edges and matching-embossed surface structure.

Brand Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid
Thickness 6mm
Surface finish Matt
Dimensions 149.4 x 20.9 (cm)
Pack size 1.873 m²
Pack weight 17.24 kg
Edging Genuine bevel
Installation method Installation method Uniclic
Domestic warranty as below
Commercial warranty Up to 15 years upon request

Superior Quick-Step Quality

  • Made in Belgium, Europe
  • Waterproof core, surface & joins!
  • Superior scratch & stain resistance
  • Superior wear resistance
  • The world’s best joining system Uniclic
  • Incredible dimensional stability

Quick-Step is all about top quality. Hybrid vinyl floors are no exception: .