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ELSA plus Luxury Vinyl

ELSA plus is suitable for use in your home, office, shop, kindergarten, airport…. in fact it is suitable for most indoor floors due to it being extremely durable, so pick your favorite colour and relax knowing your ELSA plus floor has you covered!
We believe small details make a big difference.  This is why we incorporate some of the following features :

ELSA plus is 5.0mm thick.  Our wear layer is 0.55mm which is commercially rated, if you use it in your home you know ELSA plus can stand up to your busy lifestyle. Some other vinyl planks are only 4mm or 4.5mm thick and have a 0.20mm or 0.30mm wear layer, you can’t really tell by eye but it makes a world of difference in the long run.

Weight is another big difference, the heavier the floor the better it will stay flat! Our ELSA plus is well  over 9KG per M2.  Many other 5.0mm products weigh less than 8.5KG per M2, the reason?.. cost! – The lighter the product the more cheap filler has been added, vinyl is expensive, its the same reason 4mm or 4.5mm products are now on the market.  5.0mm is best. 

All our planks have a micro-bevelled edge on all four sides, its not always noticeable as it is subtle, however once your floor is installed and the light hits at the correct angle you will appreciate why we did this,  many other vinyl planks do not have bevelled edges, they sometimes just look like a big sheet once installed, unfortunately its too late once installed, take your time and consider this feature.

​Our planks have different surface textures depending on the colour.  It makes sense, our darker rustic looking floors have a authentic hand scraped and worn texture – exactly like a rustic floor should!  Some of our colours have a pattern matched texture so you can actually feel the knots, grooves and grains! Many other vinyl planks just put the same old surface texture on every colour, this makes no sense, its only done to cut costs,  different looks need different textures!

​Australia’s UV is harsh! ​We know this, so of course we have 2 UV treatments to help, while you should protect your floor (and your skin) from the suns harsh UV rays we consider this, even though it is something you cannot see, just like UV rays!

​​We take great pride and time in choosing our colours, after all its the first thing you will notice! But not all colours are the same, the design is printed, by a printer.  Print quality varies.. a lot.  So along with picking the best colours we also pay attention to resolution (DPI), design variation and realism.   We only use the best printers in the industry! Some other vinyl colours may initially look nice but look further to the details of design and print quality.