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ATF Tank UV Anti-Scratch Engineered Flooring

We are excited to present our new range of Engineered time, called Tank UV – as tough as a tank. Scratch resistant, super hard plank flooring.

Tank Coating Engineered Oak

  1. The product is designed for high traffic commercial areas, ideal for shops and restaurants where higher surface hardness and scratch resistance are required.
  2. The high-purity of the UV paint coating enhances the toughness, adhesion of the paint film and enhances the natural three-dimensional perspective of the wood grain.
  3. The vertical surface hardness is up to 12 Newtons, which is about 270 kilograms per square centimetre of load, whilst a general UV coating is about 3-4 Newton.
  4. The scratch and abrasion resistance of the surface are comparable to artificial synthetic wood flooring such as commercially available Laminate and Vinyl flooring.
  5. Passed the CNS 7614 (1994) flameproof method 30 seconds test.
  6. Passed the ASTM D4060-10 wear resistance test over 20,000 rpm.
  7. UV coating film adhesion-X cut test up to 4A standard (up to 5A).
  8. Through ASTM D1211-97 hot and cold cycle test (6cycles) no abnormalities were found.
  9. Pencil hardness (highest standard 9H) was achieved by the pencil hardness-breakage method JIS K5400 (1990).


  1. Avoid dragging sharp objects.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent discolouration and shrinkage problems.
  3. Vacuum cleaners or electrostatic mop can be used for cleaning.
  4. No need to use any detergent, just use damp mop.