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Enjoy comprehensive sales and installation care from Acers Timber Flooring

You’ve selected the floors you want in your home and you’ve got a quote; now it’s time to fit out your property. Acers’ specialist staff will work with you closely though every part of the process, helping to make sure the supply and installation is as smooth as possible.



If you’ve chosen raw timber floors, our team will organise delivery a few weeks before the surfaces are laid so the wood has a chance to acclimatise to the site conditiions. Pre-finished timber floors don’t normally need to be acclimatised; they only need such care if they are going to be installed in an air-conditioned or heated room. If this isn’t the case, the floor will generally be delivered on the day the job begins.


Subfloor Preparations

Whether you are laying bamboo, hardwood, laminate timber flooring or locking vinyl flooring at your Brisbane property, the subfloor needs to be level before you can put anything on top of it. Use a self-levelling compound, sand the area back or if the floor requires a large amount of work, save time by fixing plywood underlay to the subfloor. Always ensure that the surface is clean and free from moisture.


Laying the Floors

For T&G solid timber and bamboo flooring, this part of the process will vary depending on what subfloors the floor is laid. On concrete, a polyethylene membrane with overlap seams is used to prevent the threat of rising dampness, while a plywood underlay is then fixed down using anchors. The floors are then secret nailed on top of this, although bamboo flooring can be stuck down directly too. On timber, plywood or particle board subfloors, this process is much the same, though it is recommended that solid timber and bamboo flooring is laid at a 90 degree angle to the line of the subfloor timber. Floating floors don’t need to be attached to the subfloor, with the timber being laid directly on the cushioned foam underlay without the use of nails or glue.

Let Brisbane’s Acers Timber Flooring take care of everything. Speak to one of our friendly experts today.