Flooring Adhesives by Soudal



SMX-20 Plus or SMX-30 Plus


SMX-20 PLUS is a universal timber flooring adhesive based upon SMX® hybrid polymers. Suitable for indoor bonding of engineered boards, ready to use timber and solid wood. SMX-20 PLUS contains no water or solvents, minimising the risk of deforming the parquet to a minimum. Once fully cured (approx. 24 hrs) an elastic and non-shrinkable adhesive layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat.

SMX-30P is a solvent, and water-free universal parquet adhesive based upon SMX Polymers. Suitable for indoor bonding of all types of wooden floors such as solid, stab, pre-finished, and on-end parquet, wood-plank, wood-block and laminates. Suitable for use on porous and non-porous substrates such as mosaic, anhydrite, concrete, screeds, wood, chipboard and OSB Board (large particle size chipboard) , including floors with underfloor heating. SMX-30P is also extremely suitable for bonding moisture sensitive wood onto moderately porous surfaces.




180mm wide V notch trowel for applying adhesive onto wall or floor. Notch depth 5mm, Notch wide 6mm, Notch spacing 8mm apart.


180mm wide V notch trowel for applying adhesive onto wall or floor. Notch depth 3mm, Notch wide 3mm, Notch spacing 3mm apart.

A Powerful heavy duty, trade quality sausage. Comes with aluminium and clear plastic interchangeable barrels.

Features & Benefits
  • Heavy duty and strong
  • Smooth operation
  • Large handle and trigger
  • Option of clear plastic or aluminium barrel
  • Dispenses all sausages



Pour & Level is an internal and external self-leveling cementitious underlayment, specifically formulated for preparation of concrete sub-floors prior to the laying of floor coverings. The specially selected cements and polymers contained in Pour & Level produces a fast setting underlayment with exceptional adhesion to most flooring materials. Ideally suited and compatible with Soudal timber flooring adhesives.