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Incizo - Multifunctional finishing tool

Quick-Step Incizo – 5 Questions, 1 answer

Matching Incizo available for each laminate and timber product, which  means there are over 75 colours available.

Quick-Step’s patented Incizo profile is a multifunctional finishing profile. One and the same profile can be used for all the finishes of your floor and stair, in matching colour. And never before has such a comprehensive solution been offered for finishing of a wood floor collection in Australia.

1. How can I join two floors of the same height?
With the Incizo profile, cut as an expansion profile

2. How do I finish my Quick-Step laminate floor along a wall or a window?
You can cut the Incizo profile into a clean end profile

3. How can I solve variations in height – from one floor to another?
Use the Incizo profile, cut as an adaptor profile.

4. How can I connect my laminate floor to a carpet, and have a beautiful finish?
Use the Incizo profile, cut as a transition profile.

5. What about my stair?
The Quick-Step Incizo profile gives you a whole string of solutions for your stairs. For more information please contact your local dealer.


Watch the video to see how to use Incizo on stairs