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Solid Timber Floors – Hardwoods/Oak/Etc

Enjoy a classic timber floor that will suit any interior

Prefinished Solid Timber Floors

Add a layer of luxury to any room with prefinished solid timber floors. Full of character, this flooring will immediately increase the value of your property, and with no on-site sanding, polishing or coating required, you can immediately relax and enjoy the look and feel of your high-quality timber surfaces.

Don’t worry about vacating your property or searching for alternative accommodation; the majority of our jobs can be finished in two to three days, and as soon as the installation has taken place you can use your floor again. Made scratch resistant with our premium solvent-free finish, you’ll also receive a 15-year manufacturer warranty on surface coating when used residentially.


Raw T & G Timber Floors

In addition to prefinished solid timber surfaces, Acers Timber Flooring also offers a range of Raw Tongue and Groove hardwood floors directly from the mill, with species including:

  • Blackbutt and Brush Box
  • Blue, Flooded (Rose) and Spotted Gum
  • Stringybark, Grey and Red Ironbark
  • Tasmanian Oak and Tallowwood
  • Jarrah and Turpentine

These floors are commonly cut to 80 mm and 130 mm widths, with various grades in quality available for each type of timber. And if you’re after a variety of wood that’s a bit more niche and harder to find, don’t hesitate to call Acers – our team will work hard to locate what you specifically want.

Enjoy a style that will stand the test of time. Speak to Acers Timber Flooring today.